Alpha NumeriX designs and manages research programs, promptly and economically, on a full service basis:

   Custom design of research plan including methodology and survey instrument

·    Complete electronic or surface delivery, collection, and reporting services

·    Comprehensive, easy to understand, statistical analysis and presentation of findings

·    Personal service that specializes in providing meaningful data you can act on to improve your organization - internally and externally

·    Experience in health care, hospitality, education, high tech, and manufacturing sectors - small and large organizations – small and large projects

Additional Alpha NumeriX Services

·    Technical writing for marketing guides, user and training manuals

·    Business plans, proposal and creative writing, and editing services 

·    Statistical analysis, Excel projects and customized instruction, and just plain making sense and organization out of quantities and complexities of data

·    Financial and numerical report preparation

·    High level systems documentation, and staff consulting
Consulting Services
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